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Which is odd. The storyline and setting have opened up immeasurably, and the show is far better for it. No, the truth is much weirder than that. No, Twin Peaks! White Pine Bay. As apple-pie-and-baseball cop Shelby tells Norma, "People in this town deal with things in a different way. But they get dealt with. Not half. We still have the central couple to deal with.

The more that the setting opens out, the more limiting the original premise becomes. The addition of cuckoo son Dylan is a great touch, and aside from some clumsy expositional moments his phone being the worst , an excellent window into Bates family values.

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Of course, the central relationship is key. The scene in which Norma dresses for her not-date with Deputy Shelby is the most instructive, but only in its more subtle moments. Changing her top in front of her son was clearly designed to sound the weirdness alarm, but it was a little too heavily done, especially when she turned around, claiming modesty, only to show him a much sexier view. Retrieved April 13, Retrieved April 16, Retrieved April 23, Retrieved April 30, Retrieved May 7, Retrieved May 14, Retrieved May 21, Deadline Hollywood.

Retrieved March 10, Retrieved June 10, Retrieved February 4, Retrieved April 22, June Archived from the original on November 26, August 19, Internet Movie Database. Retrieved May 5, Retrieved January 7, Retrieved March 1, Archived from the original on January 5, Retrieved March 11, Bates Motel. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5. Awards and nominations. Hidden categories: TV. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

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In other projects Wikiquote. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Promotional poster and home media cover art. List of Bates Motel episodes. Widow Norma Louise Bates and her year-old son, Norman , move from Arizona to the town of White Pine Bay, Oregon , where they buy a rundown motel six months after the sudden death of Norman's father Sam. Norma intends to reopen the motel in an attempt to build a new life.

On his first day at his new high school, Norman befriends popular local girl, Bradley Martin, who takes him out for a night on the town with her friends.

Norman also meets Miss Watson, his advanced English teacher. While Norman is out with Bradley for the evening, the motel's former owner, Keith Summers, breaks into the house and rapes Norma. Norman arrives back and knocks Keith out, before Norma murders him. The duo dump the body in the local harbor. That same night, Norma and Norman meet Sheriff Romero and Deputy Shelby, who show up to have a look around the motel for reasons unknown. In Room 4, Norman finds a sketchbook full of lurid drawings that show women being tortured.

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Similarly, a woman is seen drugged and chained somewhere, indicating that a sinister presence resides in the town. Norma renames the motel the Bates Motel. Tension arises when Dylan Massett, Norma's troubled and violent son from a previous relationship, arrives in White Pine Bay to stay. Norman and Bradley witness her father get badly burned in a car accident.

Meanwhile, Norman and his cystic fibrosis -stricken classmate, Emma Decody, look into the mystery of the sketchbook.

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Shelby suggests to Norma that the town's wealth is earned through illegal means, and that the whole town council and police force is in on a massive conspiracy. Norma sees a body hanging upside-down and on fire in the middle of town, witnessed by townspeople, showing "justice" is often resolved extrajudicially. Emma and Norman stumble upon a huge marijuana field hidden in the nearby forest and are chased away by two armed men, barely escaping. Paul A.

Norman passes out at school and is taken to the hospital. Norma is asked if he has experienced an episode like this before, to which she says no. Dylan states he has a new job, not mentioning it is guarding the marijuana field with his new partner, Ethan. Norma discharges Norman from the hospital, who tells her that he kept Keith's utility belt , which is now missing after the police carry out a property search.

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Dylan tells Norman to get out more and not let Norma smother him. Meanwhile, Shelby reveals to Norma that he took Keith's belt without Romero's knowledge, because he wants to protect her from being investigated for the disappearance; the two then kiss. Norman envisions his mother telling him to get the belt back; he then breaks into Shelby's house to retrieve it, but instead discovers that one of the women from the sketchbook is being held captive in Shelby's basement.

Shelby arrives home while Norman is still inside. Dylan, who had followed Norman to the house, distracts Shelby to give Norman enough time to escape. Norma tells Norman he sometimes sees and hears things that aren't real. With Emma unreachable, Norman draws more closely to Bradley, who is mourning the death of her father. Meanwhile, Romero finds a decomposing hand in the bay that has Keith's wristwatch attached to it. That same evening, Norman meets with Bradley at her house, and the two of them end up sleeping together for the first time; when Norma finds out, she becomes upset.

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Dylan confronts Norma, stating he knows what she has done, which gives him the right to take Norman to stay with him. Just then, the police show up and arrest Norma for Keith's murder.

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David Straiton. Norman posts bail for his mother and she is released the next day. Dylan proposes that Norman should live with him instead. Shelby gets rid of the evidence incriminating Norma, claiming to be in love with her. Afterward, a drug addict appears and shoots Ethan, and Dylan rushes him to the hospital.

Dylan later runs the drug addict over with his car. At dinner, Norman reveals to Emma that the girl from the sketchbook is real, and the two later find her in Keith's abandoned boat. They take the girl, named Jiao, back to the motel and show her to Norma.

BATES MOTEL Episode Recap: “Nice Town You Picked, Norma”

She then identifies Shelby as the man who had been assaulting her, shocking and horrifying Norma. Norman and Dylan find Keith's utility belt and throw it in the harbor in order to protect their mother. Dylan's boss, Gil, informs him that Ethan has died of his wounds. Dylan says that he took out his partner's killer as payback, which pleases Gil.