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Micro, Nanosystems and Systems on Chips: Modeling, Control, and Estimation [ Alina Voda] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Micro and nanosystems represent a major scientific and technological challenge, with Hardcover: pages; Publisher: Wiley-ISTE; 1 edition (March 1, ); Language.
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In the proposed method, the road surface is classified into asphalt and parking frame line using the statistical model of the received light intensity value of laser. Then, the target parking position is estimated by Hough transformation. Also, from our experiment, it was found that the received light intensity values of the road surfaces are remarkably decreased when they are wet. Therefore, the statistical model of received light intensity of the asphalt and the parking frame line were prepared in each case of wet and dry. Finally, we conducted the experiment to classify the road surface of the parking lot into these four classes in a probabilistic way and recognize parking spaces.

Keywords: Intelligent transportation systems , Decision making systems , Software systems Abstract: This paper presents a novel instance segmentation scheme for lane mark and drivable area detection simultaneously, which combines an evolved fully convolutional networks FCNs and inverse perspective mapping IPM technology. Numerous existing methods make an attempt to find out road surface using lane mark, thereby deriving to the drivable area.

However, traditional lane detection methods are often difficult to be performed with a high detection rate in adverse weather conditions or complex road environments, such as rain, fog, varying illumination conditions, bad conditions of road paintings, and types of lane marks such as solid lines, double lines, broken lines, tempered glass road stud Catseye , and so on.

Hence, we present a supervised learning approach for simultaneously detecting lane mark and drivable area utilizing our evolved FCNs and top-view image through IPM. Firstly, an evolved FCNs is utilized to classify each pixel in the image so that simultaneously achieve the precise contour and further obtain object classification results to segment the road region elaborately.

Since the FCNs results that we can only understand the type of each pixel; in addition, some pixels of clustering of lane lines are only partially recognized. Therefore, to extrapolate the line to cover full lane line length, a lane mark fitting algorithm based on IPM technology is utilized by identifying all pixels that lie on them.

Micro, Nanosystems & Systems on Chips

Thus, the road lane model can be obtained efficiently. This proposed algorithms not only recognize the lane mark and drivable area, even obstacle detection but also help to achieve its goal of autopilot. Finally, the extensive experiment results and quantitative analysis of the real-world scenes in the general road environment and published database, such as Cityscapes, are used to demonstrate the significant contribution of our proposed approach. Keywords: Robotics technology , Intelligent transportation systems Abstract: A lot of progress has been made on the object detection field, and it is difficult for researchers to decide which architecture is suitable to their specific task.

The work in this paper aims to compare and analyze various detection models and then obtain an appropriate model for the traffic sign detection task. Two main components of a detection model are meta-architecture and feature extractor, and we will explain these two parts on the paper.

Experiments show that the behavior of the detection model is strongly affected by the choice of architecture and feature extractor. Using such an active acoustic sensing method, various human-body information, such as the hand pose and contact force, were measured in our previous research. Although the joint angle was estimated by emitting vibration, the previous estimation target was limited to one degree-of-freedom.

However, as multiple degrees-of-freedom are required for intuitive interfaces, we study the feasibility of estimating multiple degrees-of-freedom, in this study. When the user bends a joint, the frequency component varies, and the propagated vibration of a sweep signal is converted into the amplitude spectrum for observing the variance.

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Support vector regression is employed, and regression formulas are acquired for estimating the hand position and joint angles. We confirmed the feasibility of estimating the hand position in the x and y-axes on a plane, and the biaxial joint angle of the wrist, through experiments. In this paper, a part of an implicit knowledge of a walk is considered using the relation between five characteristcs obtained by data using high speed movie cameras and questionnaires obtained by the physical therapists.

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First, the data are classified using the Self-Organizing Map. Second, the relation between the five characteristic score that we have proposed to evaluate the gait motion using high speed movie cameras and questionnaire score obtained by the ptyshical therapists are discussed using the classificated map.

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As a result, it is clear that a part of the data is different, and that the motion of the upper part of the body in a walk and the timing of flection of the knee are focused on. Keywords: Automation systems , Mechatronics systems Abstract: It is important to increase the amount of trade in farm products. When exporting farm products, the quarantine of noxious insects is often necessary.

In general, the inspection system for farm products is difficult, since the harvest season is short and the subject of detection is unclear. Therefore, it is difficult to plan development of such inspection systems. In this paper, the results of an inspection-system-development plan are described. In particular, we focus on peaches intended for export from Japan to Taiwan, since the insect we have decided to detect is clear in this case.

The necessity of the subgoal for each year is also shown. Then, experimental results using a real system and real peaches are described. The results make it clear that suitable subgoals are important, and that the flexible modification of these subgoals is necessary. A lot of kinds of their relationships has been studied. Some doctors who are finger or hand specialists have various kinds of implicit knowledge regarding finger force. Keywords: Automation systems , Human systems , Decision making systems Abstract: Digitized, interconnected work environments become increasingly popular.

Keywords: System software , Human systems , Network system control Abstract: Sports experts develop skills by repeatedly practicing of ideal and appropriate motions. Keywords: System software , System hardware , Integration platform Abstract: The digitalization of conventional ultrasonic inspection processes for large castings like e. Keywords: Control technology , Robotics technology , Mechatronics systems Abstract: Optical motion capture system can measure the position and the orientation of an object equipped with retroreflective markers.

Keywords: Software systems , System software , Decision making systems Abstract: Desktop and application virtualization suffers from delay.


Keywords: System software Abstract: In this paper, design the robot system assuming that the service robot performs display disposal work of the convenience store, and show the validity of the model and the result of implementation. Keywords: Integration platform , Intelligent transportation systems , Logistics systems Abstract: How to process the increasing amount of IoT data in real-time collected from a huge number of devices in the real world into a cloud data center with high frequency is a challenging problem.

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  7. Keywords: Automation systems , Robotics technology Abstract: Collaborative robots have the potential to change small to medium sized industry by automating various tasks that are today performed manually. Keywords: Security systems , Robotics technology , Networking systems Abstract: With the growing use of the Robot Operating System ROS , it can be argued that it has become a de-facto framework for developing robotic solutions. Keywords: Robotics technology , System software , Control technology Abstract: We introduce Pinocchio, an open-source software framework that implements rigid body dynamics algorithms and their analytical derivatives.

    Keywords: Robotics technology Abstract: In robotic-assisted surgery, translational and gripping force sensing at the instrument tip plays a significant role. Keywords: Robotics technology , Micro-nano systems , Mechatronics systems Abstract: The authors are studying Hardware Neural Networks HNN for generating a driving waveform of a millimeter size insect-type microrobot. Keywords: Robotics technology , Automation systems Abstract: To pour various contents from a container, a robot needs to be able to generate a trajectory of its arm, to grasp containers, and to estimate the amount poured.

    Keywords: Micro-nano systems , Robotics technology Abstract: A flexible electrostatic adhesive device was modified successfully to improve an aging characteristics. Add to My Program. Chair: Ando, Noriaki. Mechanism and Actuator Design. Chair: Kikuchi, Takehito. Co-Chair: Wada, Masayoshi.

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    Dobashi, Hiroki. Fukunishi, Masaya. Yokokohji, Yasuyoshi.

    Keywords: Robotics technology , Automation systems , Mechatronics systems Abstract: For realizing a versatile, flexible robotic assembly system in the manufacturing domain, a versatile robotic hand which can grasp variously shaped parts accurately is essential. Wada, Masayoshi. Chandra, Rohit. Corrales Ramon, Juan Antonio. Mezouar, Youcef.

    Massalim, Yerkebulan. Kappassov, Zhanat. Thermal Design of Astrobee Perching Arm. Park, In-Won. Smith, Trey. Gary Rubloff's group. Research activities focus on thin film synthesis via Atomic Layer Deposition, development of nanoscale structures and devices for energy storage combining ALD and AAO nanotemplates, and development and characterization of Josephson Junctions for superconducting qubits devices.