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Spartacus Imperator is a simple, fast playing game. a law grants liberty to former prisoners of war who have been enslaved because Rome needs fresh troops.
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After retaking the city of Sinuessa En Valle, Caesar trims his hair down as well as finally shaving off his beard, in order to appear more like a proper Roman Soldier. Caesar is a complex character of various underlying traits, a brilliant but wild man. The Roman's animality does not hesitate to brutally assault his host's slaves, or cleave the head of a soldier he considers a coward. Caesar's capacity for cleverness is only matched by his boundless ambitions, such as a ferocious appetite for wine and whores, as well as strong desires for political greatness. Despite being a hardened soldier with an appearance of arrogance and violence, Caesar proves himself to be empathetic towards others in need, and does not like the sight of other Romans, particularly women, in pain.

Despite his ambition, he is also very patriotic and cares deeply for the well being of Rome and its people. However, Caesar's swaggering behavior and arrogance also provokes the ire of others around him, such as Tiberius , whom engages in a bitter contest of favors against Caesar. However, his dauntless courage does not allow him to back down from any challenge, and his brash boldness even encourages it. When Tiberius challenges his authority, the unintimated Caesar's deems Crassus' son unworthy of his consideration, and taunts the boy at every turn with Caesar's successes and Tiberius' failures, further fueling the flames of their rivalry.

A soldier by profession, Caesar possesses formidable combat skills high above those of the average Roman soldier. He is able to match and overcome high-tier fighters. Caesar uses his cunning as a means of besting physically strong opponents and is quick to exploit weaknesses presented by his enemies to gain the upper hand.

His swift and deadly skills, coupled with his incredible cunning are his greatest weapons. His combat skills allow him to face the strongest of rebels. He also has a history of insubordination in favor of proper tactics, having offended the senate by attacking Mithridates' allies without permission from his consul, justifying his actions by claiming that the province would have been lost if he had waited for the Senate's permission. Crassus informes him that Spartacus was a champion gladiator that rivaled any in the arena and fought in the auxiliary under Glaber and is familiar with Roman tactics and therefore knows what a proper Roman soilder will do, Caesar immediately sees an opportunity to twist the situation to their advantage and Crassus wishes that his son was so sharp of mind.

He later taunts Tiberius about having to serve under him.

Caesar and Crassus alliance. Tiberius reminds Caesar that they are not equal in command, that Caesar is under his command. Caesar only grins and walks on. He is later seen spying on Spartacus as he leaves with Gannicus and a few others on Heracleo's ship.

Spartacus Imperator

He informs Nemetes and Crixus of this, further inflaming the anger of Crixus, but when Spartacus returns and releases the Romans he watches quietly. When Spartacus commands the separation of his forces, Caesar encounters Nemetes, who follows a newly reconciled Crixus. He reveals his true name to the German, then attempts to kill him but stops when Nemetes begs for his life and says he would aid Caesar in killing Spartacus as he doesn't consider the man worthy of following.

Taking advantage of Spartacus being distracted, Caesar takes several soldiers with him to open the gate and take back the city. He manages to put up a good fight against Agron as the other rebels block the gate by cutting the rope. Caesar throws pitch on the gate and sets it on fire but finds himself faced with all three rebels at once. After a tight struggle, he is overcome and knocked to the ground while being taunted by Agron however Crassus's battering ram breaks through the burning gates and a smiling Caesar tells the shocked rebels to run.

As the three rebels look on in shock, Caesar reminds them of his suggestion to run as many soldiers break through aiding him in fighting the present rebels who retreat at the heavy number. When Crassus arrives, Caesar welcomes him to the city and kills many rebels alongside Crassus as the Romans retake the city.

When they reached the gates of city leading to the Alps, they find Spartacus fighting as Caesar points him out as "The man you seek" and is the first to go after Spartacus when he flees. Following the battle, he finally shaves his beard and cuts his hair short. He is praised by Senator Metellus and praises Crassus in turn, though when the Senator leaves, both Crassus and Caesar express their disdain for the man.

Caesar continually urges Crassus to go after Spartacus but admits his trust in him. When the rebels attacks him as he is grabbed by many soldiers, Caesar understands what is going on and has the soldiers halt. He then has Donar given a sword before he and the rebel clash, with Caesar, having far less success than the night before when he battled Agron and Donar simultaneously, but he discovers a weakness in Donar's wound and eventually defeats the former gladiator. He boasts upon his victory to his comrades before he commends Donar on his fighting but is insulted by the rebel who attempts to strike in anger.

However, Donar has the last laugh and kills himself, robbing Caesar of the honor. While this would serve as a humiliation, Crassus steps in and states how even the strongest of the rebels take their own lives when faced with the power of Caesar.

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It then becomes clear that it is Gannicus in disguise. Caesar and his nearby soldiers attempt to engage Gannicus, who is trying to escape with Laeta and Sibyl. Gannicus manages to best them all and injure Caesar. Caesar is seen later recovering from his wounds, and learning of their next move against Spartacus from Crassus.

Third Servile War

As Spartacus and the Rebels are trapped within the snowy region of the mountains, Caesar recovers from his injuries in his chambers, aided with the loving affections of his prostitutes. Unbeknownst to Caesar, however, Crassus has not only reinstated Tiberius to his former ranking, but also positioned Caesar under the command of Tiberius.

When Caesar learns of this, he is infuriated and suggests to the Imperator a much better placement within the army, but the determined Crassus would have none of it as he and Tiberius walk away, leaving Caesar to knock over a torch in anger. After the conversation, Caesar immediately encounters a lurking Kore, who overheard the conversation. A frustrated Caesar begins berating her when the body slave offers a deal to get even with Tiberius, whom Kore believes have harmed them both greatly, although Kore cannot directly state what her objective is.

Uninterested, Caesar bluntly tells her to state her purpose, when Kore discloses her plan - to have Caesar escort her from Sinnuesa into the mountains, alongside Crassus. Caesar reluctantly agrees to the mission. In the mountains, Caesar and Kore meet up with Crassus, who is not too pleased over her presence. Afterwards, Caesar is confronted by a hostile Tiberius, who heatedly asks demands Caesar as to why he isn't serving orders under his command, to which the amused Caesar smirks of Kore's arrival to the encampment. Later on, however, Kore disappears into the night, leading a frustrated Crassus to question Caesar's motives, to which Caesar replies he knew nothing of hers.


As Caesar, Tiberius, and Crassus lead a squadron to investigate the rebels hideout, they witness their ditch filled in by the frozen corpses of Rebels. The diversion turns out to be a trap set by Spartacus , as he and his rebels fire arrows on the Romans. Caesar and the other commanders escape harm, although not before the humiliation of defeat, as they retreat back to camp. After a legion of Roman soldiers were defeated by Spartacus' rebels, Caesar witnesses Crassus' rage as the Imperator brutally attacks the senator Metellus. Caesar attempts to intervene but Tiberius cautions him and they watch in horror as Crassus beats him down.

Caesar eventually calms Crassus down and the latter threatens the senator to keep quiet about his assault.

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After Crixus splits from Spartacus's forces and moves towards Rome, Caesar vehemently demands that Crassus's army move to stop him, rather than continue to pursue Spartacus. Despite Caesar's immense frustration and concern for Rome's security, Crassus and Tiberius refuse.

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  • Recruit your armies amongst the enslaved warrior tribes of the Gauls, the Dacians, the Germans, the Syrians and the Thracians. Increase your forces tenfold as swiftly as possible before Rome sends its best legions to re-establish the Pax Romana.

    Only your genius and your knowledge of war can save you and allow you to found a kingdom of former slaves. But be careful, for Roman strategists are watchful, and are taking the new menace more and more seriously. You must conquer or perish … on the cross! Imperator: for the Romans the word signified a victorious general, and was an honorific title. The nearest term today is marshal, rather than emperor. Declaring Spartacus to be Imperator was an out and out provocation to Roman military nobility which sought honour above all!

    Spartacus Imperator is a simple, fast playing game. A game can be played to completion in an hour. It is aimed at those who have little time for gaming, or who wish to introduce new players to the hobby. At the beginning of a season, action points are allotted to each general.

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    • With these, they may move, pillage, recruit or employ strategems. Each leader is independent and will refuse to share his troops and his booty with his own side because the rebel leaders are divided and the Romans seek only glory for themselves. Each clash is played out on a battlefield, simulated by a specific play aid.

      The leader uses his tactical value to limit the role of risk. The rebel forces are not known to the roman Player before the attack. Each player secretly chooses a tactic which will influence the course of combat. For example, a leader can place his best troops in the front line or hold them back for the last stages or try to surround his enemy on the flanks. In the case of a siege of a city, the besieger may attempts frontal assaults or harass the enemy lines.